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We offer an international elementary school education that gives students the best foundations for the global society of the future. We view people holistically and place equal emphasis on both academic and aesthetic subjects. When thoughts and feelings interact, our ability to grow and learn is maximized. And it shows in the learning outcomes! 
Dibber International’s educational approach rests on four pillars: IB, bilingualism, academic and aesthetic subjects, as well as technology and innovation.

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IB education

The International Baccalaureate program is a recognized education program that is currently offered at over 5,000 schools worldwide.

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We are an international school

We prepare students for a global future.

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We focus on both academic and aesthetic subjects.

We view people holistically. Learning outcomes make it clear that academic and aesthetic subjects support one another.

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Clear leadership for better learning

The best foundation for learning and achieving excellent grades is that students feel safe and happy.

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Technology and innovation

With us, students get to develop their creative and innovative abilities. Modern technology and a schedule that includes programming are essential.

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