We strive to offer education that gives each student the best qualifications for a global future. 

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Dibber International Helsingborg (F–6)
– a school with an international approach

We see every student

Welcome to a school where all students are seen and given attention. We want each student to have the opportunity to feel unique and valued. Our goal is for students to be given the best conditions to succeed at school – to feel happy, proud, and like part of a community.

International approach

With our international approach and outlook, we want to educate students for tomorrow’s global society. Our educational focus is based on four pillars: IB, bilingualism, academic and aesthetic subjects, as well as technology and innovation. Read more here.

Digitalization and the environment

The school environment, the materials and, not least, the teachers should help cultivate a passion for lifelong learning. For the best possible goal attainment, we consider digital teaching tools to be a key element in our teaching.

I wasn’t pushed to develop further at my last school, but here I am. We have lots of space, our school is like a beautiful manor.
- Hedda, grade 2

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Dibber International Helsingborg