An international elementary school education

We offer an international elementary school education that gives students the best foundations for the global society of the future. We view people holistically and place equal emphasis on both academic and aesthetic subjects. When thoughts and feelings interact, our ability to grow and learn is maximized. And it shows in the learning outcomes!

Dibber International’s educational approach rests on four pillars: IB, bilingualism, academic and aesthetic subjects, as well as technology and innovation. 

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IB education

Dibber International is aiming to use the IB educational platform and international syllabus, for which we have submitted an application. The International Baccalaureate program is a recognized education program that is currently offered at over 5,000 schools worldwide.

The educational approach is based on research and is adapted for the future. The aim is to improve student skills and critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, collaboration, communication and innovation.

We are a bilingual school

Dibber International prepares students for a global future. They develop an international view of the world, of humankind and of the globe as the shared home of all people.

Much of the teaching is in English, by teachers who are native English speakers, naturally. English quickly becomes instinctive for our students, and they can communicate with people from other countries without a language barrier.

The school is a success in Norway

Dibber International has run a school in Norway (known as Children’s International School) with great success since 2011. Children’s International School is ranked among the top 10 schools in Norway and has a waitlist of over 2,000 students.

We focus on both academic and aesthetic subjects

Dibber International is a unique school in that we focus on both theoretical and aesthetic subjects. We do this because we view people holistically, and research supports this approach. When thoughts and feelings interact, the capacity of people to grow and learn is optimal. Learning outcomes confirm that academic and aesthetic subjects support and reinforce one another. This has been shown clearly at our schools in Norway and has also been demonstrated in a number of research projects.

Good teachers are the foundation of good teaching and something on which we place great emphasis, no matter the subject. That is why it is as important to us to have English teachers who are native English speakers as it is to have professional musicians, actors and choreographers working on professional productions with students in the aesthetic subjects. We are always careful to ensure that the teaching is deeply rooted in the world beyond school.

Our vision

A stable and compassionate society is based on knowledge and continuous development. The knowledge and understanding students take with them from school leave an impression on the world. Our goal is to be an international school, where students can grow as people and citizens of the world. A school that lays the foundation for lifelong learning, with a heavy emphasis on academic as well as aesthetic subjects, and at which modern technology and multilingualism are integral elements.

Clear leadership for better learning

The best foundation for learning and achieving excellent grades is that students feel safe and happy.  We therefore cultivate an atmosphere of respect among everyone at school – both students and teachers alike. We believe in having an excellent working environment and clear leadership that creates a sense of security.

At Dibber International, students can develop their natural curiosity. A stimulating work environment helps develop their sense of exploration and creativity. It also supports a sense of community. Relationships, working well with others and benefiting from each other’s expertise are fundamental skills for tomorrow’s society.

Technology and innovation

At Dibber International, students are encouraged to develop their creative and innovative abilities. In the future, programming will be a language as important to master as English. That is why all students learn programming. Modern technology, including everything from iPads to 3D printers and programming robots, is a natural feature of our schools and helps make learning more effective, individually adapted and stimulating.